A Napa Valley Wedding, 400+

14 hour flight from LAX to SFO.

Deboarded the SAME plane twice for engine malfunctions, AKA one of the engines died in the air... Silent tears were falling down my cheeks as I plugged my ears and shut my eyes. Only the sound of my heart pounding and deep breaths were heard in my head.

In total I rode 4 shuttles, met 2 drivers, boarded and deboarded two American Airline flights, and one Southwest, which finally landed me in San Fransisco.

My view. Last row, aisle.

My 'pirate' neighbors on the plane...for real.

And the madness continues...

Minutes after I took this picture, I was caught lying in bed when a senior couple walked in on me sprawled out in the bed! Ends up the hotel gave me the wrong room and I was hanging out in their room among all their things. Awkward! Now looking back it was curious that I was staying with three guy friends and there was a pink toiletry bag in the bathroom?

The shuttle to the ceremony with old friends.

16 Bridesmaids. 16 Groomsmen.

The happy parents of the Norwegian Bride.

The Reception.

The Groom.

The Bride.

The After After Party.

The Sisters.

Classic wedding song. "...Everybody get a little bit louder now...Shout!

Road trip back to LA.

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