Summer Kick-Off Party at the Standard

My first LA Public Transit experience. Universal City to 7th ave.

I love this picture. It looks as if the picture is sideways, but it is not.

LA Metro is oh so lonely and desolate.

I do not know this guy on the left, but every time I look at this photo it makes me happy. Seriously look how cute his smile is...

Curious woman on the far right. She was pacing back and forth aggressively brushing her hair. I would best assume she has a hot date on this 100 and something degrees Saturday.

And she is spotted again. What an amazing hair cut. Where can we get one of those?

LA everyday in the summer. You can not hate on this for all you LA haters.

Hit and Run.

I think this is from a bad nightmare I had a couple weeks ago.

Gaslamp Killer in the Flesh.

Happy Birthday Mike B!!! Diggin' the Yacht Gear.

Who is that dude on the far right?

A friend I made on the Metro.
She just bought two turtles one boy, one girl. She schooled me and said the way you can tell what sex they are is the tail. If I remember correctly, long pointy tail is a male and a short tail is a female. The boy we decided to name him Squishy, well obviously because he has a squishy face? And well the girl is still a no name...

Loved the lighting. The orange sky was unreal and I was melting at this point. Damn, it was a hot one!

Target video advertisement on the LA Metro.

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