Wet Pool Party at the Custom Hotel

You fill in the blank.
This man is wearing a snorkel on his head because _______.

Ode to Sam Gaglani...the man responsible for the kick ass party!

Daniel Sakai and Lee Kurisu soakin' it all in.

This pillow cracks me up every time.
It must be the bugged out monkey in the middle.

Some dude who was too inebriated to talk greeted us throughout the day with this goofy grin and thumbs up. It was pretty awesome.

My two step dance, animated style...

Oh shoot, wait a minute, that is the dude trying to grab me and dance!
Notice the incoming claw on the right side of the picture, ahaha!!

Andy Caldwell and Gabriel Rene tearin' it up.

1 comment:

j toe said...

Hey just found your pic of me from the first wet party whilst searching for those from last weekend's finale...

Yes, I am that guy in the snorkel. But I won't ruin the creative montage you've got going by filling in the blank. The world will just have to keep wondering...