Goodbyes on the rooftop of the standard

And our journey begins...

My girls...

Thanks for making it all happen Jules!

Cousin love!

My dance partner.

I make money with my back up against the wall!

Thanks for being my consultant with the move. Love you Fawn!

That about sums it up. Miss you Thuy!

Picnic style.

Melissa fully equipped with her treats, as always.

My boys...

Nice tee Max ;)

Kiki surprising me with his presence...I want a divorce!

Blue Jemz always smiling on deck.

Josh you are such a gentlemen!

Mike B...Thanks again for showing the love !!

Don't mess with this.

Gary Baseman showing some love to Soo.

The band. LOL!

Mama and her best friend enjoying their martinis!

The uniform: Black tee, shades and bling.

My going away cake, thanks KIKI!!


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