My Craiglist hunt for a home in Brooklyn

Prospect Park, my first day of searching. Too far and scary. Other than the elevators smelling like fresh urine, I realized that slowly removing my jewelry in broad day light is not a good sign. Unfortunately I didn't document the other places I visited since I was to freaked out by the place, I nearly ran out!

I almost took this place, but decided living with a psycho roommate with an old man poodle and being in the projects wasn't the best fit for me. But in the end it all worked out, this is now my bed at my new spot!

The mute showing me his place in Park Slope.

I wanted this amazing spot in Williamsburg! The space, location and potential roommate was perfect, but the rent was out of my range :(

Too small, no closets in Williamsburg. Oh I almost forgot, the very next day she reposted her lisiting on Craigslist that she was looking for a lesbian couple or lesbian to live with, DOH! I should have known when she told me she took pictures at a feminist festival!

Totally cool and interesting peeps in Park Slope, but the space was not workable for me. I liked how he gave me a brief rundown, one taking note of the Obama poster out in front of his place! Thumbs up duude!! GO OBAMA!

Bed above the books and clothes.

And finally, the fourth day, late afternoon, I found my new home in Carroll Gardens with a kick ass Italian Chef from Brooklyn!

My room before I moved in. I will post the before and after, Stay Tuned!

Straight ahead I can see the Statue of Liberty and to my right is the whole Manhattan Skyline. 18 foot ceilings woo woo!

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