NIMANY: New Collection

Revolution Series: Contains hundreds of historic newspaper clippings from the 70's and 80's

By expanding on that same idea by 2004 a production team was put together and the first series of NIMANY T-shirts were produced. This process included hand picking the garments at various stores and vintage shops, opening and re-stitching the cuts, dying the colors through a chemical process and silk screening quotes of Persian poets such as Hafez and Rumi. By stacking poems and graphics on top of each other, new gripping patterns were created; patterns that did not state any particular literal message, rather displaying the beauty of Persian typography on a garment. This first line sold out immediately and was a motivating factor for Nima to design new styles. At the same time his old friend Mamasaid who had relocated to the U.S joined him and began helping him with the NIMANY line.

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