Official Philly Cheese Steak Off...ding ding Pat's verses Geno's!

In case you didn't know the original cheese steak is with the whiz, but my personal preference is the Provolone.
I prefer the not so rich and cheesy, just how I like my men.

Eat me.

Welcome to Vegas fattys.

WTF? Damn whiteys hatin' again. This kind of shit freaks me out.

Drum roll please....and the winner is Geno's. Fresher bread, tender meat, and lighter on the salt.
Hate to sell out to the newbee, but I know me tastebuds, and Geno's is the winner, beating out Pat's, the founders of the Philly steaks.

But in all honesty, I don't like them all that much, Chili Cheese Dogs from the Nati is where it's at, Oh Skyline how I miss thee.

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