Faculty Dropbox art show in Tribeca, NY

Please come and join my fellow faculty members and I at our group art show, FACULTY DROPBOX, this Thursday, November the 20th!

My illustration series, "LA crossing," is inspired by my daily drives through the streets of Los Angeles. Too often people living in LA are absorbed in their personal space, protected by the safety of their own metal cages (aka their cars), which creates an inhumane divide between people and the beautiful world surrounding them.
The last few months I lived in LA, I drove with my digital camera on my lap snapping hundreds of photographs. Within these photos, I hoped to document the daily activities of pedestrians within the California landscape, with a special focus on capturing the lack of spontaneous social interaction in the City of Angels.

I will also be screening my short videos, TAXI TALKS 2008.

Thanks for all your support!

To view, please click invite below.

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