My New Year officially began Febuary 1st

I just wanted to thank all my family and friends for lending a helping hand during this challenging time in my life. Seeing the evil and ugliness the world is capable of is something I will never understand or will ever really want to. I have been tested by whomever is watching from up above on my reason in life as a single, independent woman in the big city. I have never experienced such intentional evilness by any one person.

Although it had been looking up with my wonderful travels south of the equator, the quick downfall once I returned to the big red was a nice slap in the face to remind me to overcome these obstacles with my head raised high- no hiding, no escaping, just doing and making.

Realizing quality over quantity; people, not things. I choose humanity and goodness, not revenge or anger.

You tried to break my spirit, you horrible person! But you have something coming to you. What goes around comes around biatch, KARMA will find you and bite you in your fat ass.

Lastly, I want to give thanks to the following people:

Hawa and Kian for their legal words.

Sahra for her congenial hospitality by allowing me to crash at her place and, of course, her constant words of wisdom.

Mama and Papa Bear for being supportive in any decision I had to make to maintain my sanity and happiness.

Hoomy for being the voice of reason, constantly reminding me that it's not a big deal and reminding me that I will laugh about this one day.

Sam for dissembling my bed and his moral and legal support.

Rae and Jeff for offering me a place to stay and store my valuables.

Sam for pulling through at the last minute and being my bodyguard while I moved out of the psych ward, aka my former apartment.

Michelle for always checking up on me to make sure everything is okay, and being her brave self by helping me pack at the psych ward.

Zman for assisting me with transporting boxes from Kay Kay's place in the UES to BK.
Kam for his stinging and no shit policy of advice.

Superman Marty and Sweet Villa for filling my fridge and assembling my now 4 foot shorter loft bed. Farid for his muscles to help assemble my desk, and Kimmy for her big sis words.

Thank you all so much again. I would have never been able to make it through without your love and support!!

Check back for full coverage with images and notes after my court date is complete on March 11th. You will see the life I have been dealing with this past month- harassment, stolen/damaged property, violations and the lovely 76th Precinct...

Only the best,


Shiney said...

What happened??!!

TheJessicaMiller said...

girl...are you ok? Obviously something very bad happened to you. I'm thinking of you and hope only the best. XOXO

Lindsey said...

WTF, Gooz?? What happened?

melissa said...

Soos, what happened??? you okay?