"Recreating the Moment" by Soosan Joon Silanee

For my family and friends who were unable to attend my show this past weekend here are a few selected works I wanted to share. Below you will find my artist statement and new series. Be sure to click on image to view details.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work, please contact me at soosan@soosanjoon.com. Enjoy!


Since 2003, the majority of my work has been inspired by my mother's obsession with documenting the lives of her children. My curiosity is beyond the sentiment of the archives, but rather an investigation of family identity throughout time. With the audio recordings, home videos and still images as my artifacts, I feel it is my duty to explore, edit and narrate the story through multiple mediums: drawings, photographs and videos.

This new illustrated series, "Recreating the Moment" is derived from photographs both my mother and myself have taken over the years. This process, unlike my past series, was a much more organic and seamless project. I took several trips back to my hometown and revisited the old albums, where I began pulling photos that stood out to me - but not understanding exactly why at that moment.

After rendering these compositions, I realized I have the same passion as my mom: we are both intrigued by human behavior and want to document it. But unlike her, I am lucky to have a starting point beyond my years. I have the luxury of creating my art surrounding her works and can reinterpret that captured moment with the latest technology and relate it to my own experience.

With the selected images from my mother combined with my own photos, I merged these into one collective story. The images are easily distinguished into two categories: the present and the past. The images representing present day display the choices and obstacles we must overcome; and the muted, nondescript figures symbolize the uncertainty and gambles of tomorrow. In contrast, the images from the past are identifiable by their rich colored works, displaying the experience and foundation of security.

This piece is not yet complete. It is a work in progress across several mediums and I hope to enlighten pop culture with the real reality influenced television, the fascinating dynamic and interaction of families, and first generation immigrants in the U.S. But my ultimate goal is to understand the mind of my mother and her passion for filming and directing.

Soosan Joon Silanee

11 x 8.5, gouache & ink on paper

11 x 8.5, gouache & ink on paper

11 x 8.5, gouache & ink on paper

11 x 8.5, gouache & ink on paper

11 x 8.5, gouache & ink on paper

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