14 days, 14 drawings: DAY 5

Day 5: July 1

6:30 am breakfast, sleepwalking to watch my girl off to Austria.

Quick drawings at the airport.


Marni, a sweet friend from LA who took me in for 10 days!

Catalan Cuisine:
Bread with olive oil & rubbing of fresh tomato, grilled squid & potatoes with mayo-based dip, allioli

Tapas Bar.

Grilled Octopus:
I asked for limes and the waiter wouldn't give it to me, well at first- He was so insulted, but damn I'm Persian we always have limes with our food.

Baby Prawns.

Taxi cabs numbers, good idea!

Am I wasted, or is that bridge crooked??

See they do love New Yorkers!

Tiki Bar, I suppose.

Goodnight Barca!


KM Design said...

This is all just making me so hungry!!

GOKA! said...

Love your drawings your posts, pics, food choices, nail polishhhhh ... love it all -- cool thanks for sharing and yes I would have asked for limes too and I am not even Persian :)))