14 days, 14 drawings: DAY 7

Day 7: July 3

Solo City Walk:

Barcelona's architecture is so interesting, nearly all the buildings have balconies and about every other block you would have these massive intersections. The circular roads would encompass monuments, fountains and greenery- so beautiful, but man would it take you a long time to get around the city.

The oh so infamous Antoni Gaudi.

Sara, my sis.

Loving the bathroom signage at La Vabo.

Came back to the very same falafel place, Maoz, near the hostel I stayed in 2002. I then realized they are all over the city, haha.

Espana wins again!

We snack and drink Moritz, Barcelona's locally brewed beer.

Marni's roomies and friend.

Weird bar table I still have no comprendo?

Bar sketch of Marni and some girls:

Remember, cigarette vending machine? Do we still have these in the states?

Wilding out on our walk home with that winning high!

"Buy Gold," always.

Casa Suenos Casa.

Coolest elevator.

...and I'm out!

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