Student's Best of Work Fall 2011 | AiNYC


SLEEPER is a perfume company that seeks to bring out the best of individuals through its strong aroma, energetic services, and unique craftsmanship. Targeting young women, this company believes in the power and potential of everyone to activate this transformation. Inspired by the great future of our dedicated la femme, SLEEPER takes on a futuristic quality as a reminder to always strive for the better tomorrow.


AZURE is French for light blue. It represents the independent, sophisticate women who become confident when wearing AZURE. Paris is known as the city of  love so it only makes sense that they will fall in love once they get a scent of our fragrance. Vanilla is the most popular scent but what makes AZURE different from other vanilla scented perfumes is that our product is natural, pure and organic. Our candle is made out of soy wax which is also natural with no additives or dyes. Make AZURE your favorite fragrance.


Chéri on Top is a fragrance company dedicated to being our customers’ most value resource for creative, high quality, and delicious smelling fragrances. We make getting ready fun and smelling good a “piece of cake”. Our target demographic are girls ages 18–24. We only use the sweetest oils from almond to pink frosting accord. It’s the new fragrance for the extra sweet.


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