Nike Be True Family Reunion '08

I don't know a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Free food, Colt 45 and live music in the Hollywood Hills.

We were told they were at capacity, but in the end persistence paid off and we made it in the last of the last event shuttles.

Finally we made it passed the gates with attitude.

Lee Smith, Thuy Nguyen (greengrownandsexy.com), Jupiter & myself.

If you look closely you will find downtown
in the midst of our lovely LA smog.

Cool kids.

No ages.

Gaslamp breaking the beats down in his fluffy head.

Tetherball, Napoleon style, got to love it.


Hit & Run Silkscreen booth.

You work that yellow girl.

Storyboard sequence of me feeding my new pet.
Reenactment one of my favorite scenes in Half Baked...
In case you don't know, now you know, check it.

Maaaxing and relaaaxing Caaali style.


Wife Beater, Double fisting, Motorhead and a Fuct Tee.
What more could a lady ask for??

This is getting serious.

Saying goodbye to my LA.

What is this? It's puuurty.

Apparently yellow was the color of the day.

Let's call it day with class.

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