Skinny Party, Downtown LA

My best girl, Erika Pena, amazing jewelry designer from Puerto Rico.

Damiano's Pizza with famed Spanish designer Maria Lafuenta.

My Latin Escapees...

Oops Miguel couldn't fit, ahaha, had to jump the barb wire instead.

Look its snowing in LA...nah it's my dirty camera lens...ew!

My mama's fabulous belt from the 70's.

Inverted butt...is that the standard derriere in France, please do tell.

The moving metallic shoe...dope!

Mark Wystrach, a former college neighbor of mine in Tucson (Go Wildcats!) and a retired soap star on Passions. Fox was his name...how appropriate. Today he is pursuing his musical talents...thank god!

What would daddy say??

Represent duce.

LA streets.

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Anonymous said...

show us nudes of mark wystrach