14 days, 14 drawings: DAY 1

This summer holiday I decided to go back to Europa after 8 years. My intentions on this excursion was to focus on 2 cities, Roma and Barcelona, and to marinate the city jewels and local scene. On this specific trip I gave myself an assignment of having to do A Drawing a Day. And if I skipped a day, I had to makeup with 2 the following day.

14 days, 14 Drawings.

DAY 1: June 26

All Aboard!

Sunday, June 27th:
Arrived in Roma and took the hotel shuttle straight to Hotel Julia.

I exit the hotel with no map, just kept running into magnificent ruins, piazzas, buildings and parks. Unbelievable.

Fontana di Trevi

Il Vittoriano

Largo di Torre Argentina

Piazza Navona

Ville Borghese
View of Roma from Park

Sculpture about divorce.

First dinner. Around the corner of the Pantheon.

Drawing 1:
After dinner drawing of Piazza Di Pietra.

Goodnight Roma.
Check back for DAY 2...


Alessandra Elias said...

haha love this Blog! I am tuned for the other 14 days ... counting!

melissa said...

Awe SOOZ! You are awesome chica... What a blast! Did you ever get any photos from that family by the Fontana di Trevi? That was one of the many random and memorable happenings in Rome! March on little Trojan boy!

Sahra said...

Beautiful, Sooz! Just like you!

soosan joon silanee said...

I'm glad you are enjoying! Posting Day 2 in the next 24 hours :)

Elise said...

That is just the best feeling traveling by yourself, on your own schedule! I'm so happy for you and wish you a safe and happy trip!