14 days, 14 drawings: DAY 2

Day 2: June 28

Buongiorno. (Good Morning)

Hotel Julia:
Unpacking and packing for the day.


Il Vittoriano (round 2):
One word, MASS.

Colonna Traiana

Forco di Cesare

Mercati Traianel

The Colosseo
(Flavian Amphitheatre):

Humbled doesn't even come close to how I felt being there.

I had to touch the walls to realize and remember the historic significance.

Arco di Costantino

Midday drawing in the scorching heat. I swear my jimmy choo sandles were melting on the concrete.

Drawing 2:

Souvenirs a must at every tourist spot.

Arco di Tito

Texture yumminess.

I love how there are ruins right outside people's apartments.

The only synagogue in Roma.

Jewish Ghetto:
One of my favorite neighborhoods, far from "ghetto".

Looks pretty heavy guys, nice work.

Fairytale shot.

Piazza Campidoglio

Teatro Marcello

Area Sacra:
Notice the pillars popping up, looks like a little la familia.

Owls everywhere!

Italian style coffee. Recommended by a friend.

Why is this sign so serious!? Makes me wanna pop and lock.

It ain't over! We still got 12 more days...Be sure to check back!

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