14 days, 14 drawings: DAY 3

* Note: I should be starting with Day 3, but since I forgot these photos, I'm starting with the remainder of Day 2 and will continue on with Day 3 :)

...DAY 2:

Cul De Sac:
Oldest wine bar in the city- a recommendation from my Wallpaper guide book.

3 meats, 3 cheeses

Oh and John Malchovich was sitting right behind me and was speaking fluent Italian?!

Spanish Steps:
Second drawing of the day, which make 3 drawings thus far.

Drawing 3:
Spanish Steps

Before it gets dark, I decide it's time to check out and check into the new spot, Courtyard Marriott. Expecting to see my girl Melissa, I find out upon my arrival, she is once again delayed and won't be arriving from her charter flight until tomorrow. Since I was far from the city center, I decide to do a recharge and take full advantage of the hotel amenities.

My first move is to take that much needed bath to wipe off the Roma sweat. Once I dry up, I throw on my new dress and head down to the hotel bar to watch the world cup, Chili vs Spain. With the limited dining options, I go for the dinner special, 10 euros for burger, fries and beer- a wasted meal no doubt.

Head back to my room, I admire the bright night and beautiful view of the city from the balcony. You can't really tell, but it was a fantastic full moon! So beat from the day, I crawl into bed and quickly pass out watching the only English speaking channel, FashionTV.

Fade to Black...

Day 3: July 29

Evviva! Cheers!

Ham, mozzarella and tomato

Cold big penne pasta.

Spanish Steps (again):

Piazza del Popolo:
If you look closely, you will notice lots of Egyptian influences.

Attempting to be a Roman Statue on our found pillar platform.

I like the cone head soft drinks.


Ghostbuster gargoyles anyone?

Child's Pose:
Women beggers everywhere. Fully draped, and bent over with their forehead directly on the concrete. Kind of spooky if you ask me.

Exiting Popolo:
3 main streets: Ripetta, Corso, and Babuino. We took option 1.

Perfect size for sooz, big hug!

Along our walk we ran into an outdoor art exhibit.


Mid afternoon siesta.

Piazza de Navona

Close-up of fountain

Disturbing novelty store.

I'll take one of those, thanks.

Quick pick me up.

Pantheon, gelato, absinthe, what more could you ask for...

...Oh and braiding!

The absinthe face.

Charged and ready to roll down and check out the festivities for Roma's local holiday honoring Saints Peter and Paul.

I'm a witch I tell you.

Haha, funny.


I'll take half pound of the watermelon coliseum please.

Sushi in Roma, hmmmm...?

These tents went for miles, it never seemed to end.

Love the stub pillar. The preservation in this city is unreal.

Is this the wall that inspired all the studded belts?

Late night eats:
Catering left over grub, amazing. Urth salad all the way from LA. Still dreaming about it.

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