14 days, 14 drawings: DAY 4

Day 4: June 31

Well rested, full bellied, braided and ready to roll out.

The Vatican:
Smallest biggest city in the world.

Matching couples all over the place. Wish I took more of these.

One foot in the Vatican, one foot in Roma. Love the peeking bags, so appropriate.

Most amazing gelato (small drool).

Mad skillz.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Ponte Sant'Angelo

Drawing 5:
Ponte Sant'Angelo and Castel Sant'Angelo

Took this myself.

Trollin' around, say wha!?

My trip. One big merry go round.

And I thought lasagna, macaroni and spaghetti was the only pasta.

More sweets!

Salt and Pepper.

Be cool!... After we were denied seating at a posh restaurant because the co-pilot we were with was wearing shorts, boo!

The stare.

No Italian meal is complete without vino, tomatoes and cheese.

Last meal :(

Pick me up please.

Nicest McDonalds I've ever seen.

Love me some magnets.

Pope for all occasions, ahaha!

Honk! No mo' lies buddy.

I''l take one scoop of David's @#$%*!

Drawing 6:
Fountain Trevi at night.

City at Night...

Ciao Ciao Roma! Barcelona here I come!

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melissa labatut said...

SOoz I LOve It, I do I do.... What a great two days I got to bang out with you!!! It was way too short but oh so sweet. Boy did we cover some ground or what? Miss you already!