Erika Peña's Grand Opening Party!

The pick up from The Water Club to Erika Peña Boutique.

Entering La Galeria Suschville Plaza.

Celebrity paparazzi shots of pop sensation Kany Garcia and the Queen of Heart models, with e on stand by.

Erika and a stylin' puerto rican boy.

Entering the lobby you immediately took notice of the Alice in Wonderland inspired decor- from the romantically lit chandeliers, to the tea party setup full of cupcakes and sushi. And how could one forget the dj's elaborately painted face and costume as the mad hatter. It's as if you were transitioned into a fantasy wonder world of fabulous-ness. The energy was just incredible!

More models in the storefront window.

Oh and the chandelier, so breathtaking.

Buy ladies, buy!

Looking out from inside the boutique.

Present for Erika's opening from yours truly ;)

Check Mate! I absolutely love the ring display.

Black roses! Do we need to paint the roses red?

Close up on the chandelier centerpiece.

Eat me.

Gold glitter all over the viewing room in the back. Seriously nothing was left unnoticed- flawless.

VIP lounge filled with fashion editors, pop stars and stylists.

Famed Fashion Designer Stella Nolasco, Latin Grammy Winner Kany Garcia, Erika Peña

CeCe Feinberg PR
and Jeff from The Water Club

VIP ladies of the night.

Running around town and still dancing hours later.

This photo says it all, Love you e!

Soosan Joon, Cristina Ramirez, Erika and assistant

My mini photo shoot of Erika on the Red Carpet!

all photos by soosan joon silanee

Erika Peña Boutique At Galeria Suschville,#107
Monday - Saturday
Hours: 11am-7pm
T: 787.782.3814

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Jacques said...

Absolutely FaB.....
I am happy it looks so good, everybody happy and that I was invited for a contribution.
Crazy girl, you did it.
Good Job.
Look forward to see you again sometime.
xxx Jacques.