My Student's Best of Work

This quarter I decided to do a Best of Work with a couple of my classes. The students and myself voted for the strongest body of work that best represents the class as a whole.

The two students,
Raffaella Ciavatta and Tjay were excellent examples of what every instructor wants to have - hard workers, extreme passion and one who expects nothing less than 110% from themselves.

Every quarter I assign different products, with my two sections of Media Design this summer, the students was to invent three products similar to peanut butter and jelly/salty and sweet. They create the product from the initial concept, to the final graphics standards manual. You will find among the body of work their logos, packaging, ad campaign, website, promotional items, and stationary.

If you're looking to hire young, new talent please contact them directly. You will find their portfolio and contact below. Enjoy!


Welcome to the 360° line.
We are a bold, adventurous and smart company who is equally concerned about the environment, spirit, mind and body of our costumers. Therefore we are 100% organic and additive free. What they get is absolutely the best combination of exquisite, healthy and rich flavors in the amazing form of butter. We are completely committed to providing that uniqueness of flavors and beneficial ingredients that only 360° products can.
For all these reasons we become a lifestyle rather than just a product waiting to be consumed.

We invest a lot in research about the newest trends in flavors, the healthiest options available and on how we can change to make a difference in your everyday lifestyle.

Target Audience
Our costumer is definitely a foodie, someone who’s not afraid of trying the new and pay for high-quality product. Therefore middle class and up, young to adults, both male and female.






Raffaella Ciavatta


buttersol® is a great tasting alternative to peanut butter. A seed butter that is made in the USA from specially roasted sunflower seeds, buttersolr® products are completely peanut-free, tree-nut free, and gluten-free. The sunflower seed spread products are all processed in a peanut-free and tree-nut free facility, making them an excellent choice for people with peanut allergies or gluten intolerance.





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